Coding & UX

Did the world need another web server? No. Did I? Yes.

Introducing union 1.0, a NodeJS-powered multi-domain web server

Are you automating too early?

Press 1 for yes, 2 for no

Introducing ASTRA

The Aggressively Simple Template for React Apps

I used ChatGPT to help me write my first iOS app. Here’s how.

An overview of 598 chat messages that built an open-source iOS app

The “Next-Minor” Versioning Strategy

My first-hand account of a popular git branching & releasing methodology

Note to Self: How to Use a VPN to Stream Blacked-Out Shows on Your iPad or Other Mobile Device

Three small things you should be doing right now that will make your web app way, way better

Journey to 0.x - Redux

Is Your App a House of Cards, or Is It Stable? Both, Probably.

I’m Using GitHub’s Coding Robot to Help Me Do My Job and It Rocks

A Pure CSS Solution for Adding Commas Between List Items

...With an ‘and’ at the end, for good measure

Swapping Fill Color on Image Tag SVGs

A Side Quest in Optimizing Performance for React

Using JavaScript’s Bitwise Operators in Real Life

Let’s pretend we’re machine code programmers!

Front-End Dev Thought #2:

About Using parseFloat() for Versioning...

Front-End Dev Thought #0000001:

Managing inline SVGs with React/Webpack

UX Thoughts on the Campaign Trail

Donations and the “Perfect Conversion” Problem

These Six UX Mistakes Are Sabotaging Your Brand

How to Make This Website

The blog you’re looking at was a labor of love. Here’s how I made it.